Low odour water-based coatings from EGGEN are providing an optimum of protection and finishing to your print-products, thus allows a faster and saver processing from print to post-print. Eggen coatings give your printed product a brilliant gloss or high mat effect.

You have special requirements? We supply customized formulations and, besides to the standard viscosity of 40 seconds/20° C (flow time DIN 53221, 4 mm cup), we offer various viscosities on demand.

With Eggen UV-coatings you achieve highest gloss-grades and safe production. Available for Anilox-systems and in a high-viscosity version for the inking-unit of your printing press. We offering also varnishes for the new LE- and LED-UV technology, reasonable and very low yellowing.

We offer a wide product range:

  • gloss- and high gloss varnishes
  • satin-, matt- and super-matt varnishes
  • drip-off varnishes
  • primer varnishes
  • softtouch varnishes
  • varnish for playing cards
  • barrier varnish
  • nonstick-varnish
  • UV- & LED-UV gloss- and high-gloss varnishes
  • UV- & LED-UV semi-gloss varnishes
  • UV- & LED-UV matt varnishes
  • UV- Softtouch varnishes
  • UV- & LED-UV Dual-Effect-varnishes for matt-/gloss-effects

Eggen-waterbased-varnishes, (pdf)

Convince yourself of the brilliant optics and haptics of Eggen-coatings. Order our folder with samples of our varnishes via