Fountain solution cleaners

Eggo Green Clean Unit
low-VOC special cleaner for dampening and metering rollers with high solvent power, free of aromatic compounds. Particularly tested and approved for LotoTec® dampening rollers. 10 x 1 l, 5 l
New: Eggo Bio Clean - cleaning agent for dampening rollers  
Icon KingfisherAn increasing number of printing products are certified with environmental labels like “The blue angel” or Austrian UZ24. To be compliant with these certificates certain critical constituents like butyl glycol have to be avoided.
Eggo Bio Clean shows excellent cleaning power while meeting the requirements of these eco-labels.
10 x 1 l, 5 l
alcaline cleaning concentrate for intensive cleaning and bacterial decontamination of water cycle systems. 10 L, 20 L