HANNS EGGEN is a longstanding and traditional supplier to the printing industry. Our owner-managed company has been producing and selling important consumables for more than 90 years now. HANNS EGGEN has become well-known in recent years, particularly as a manufacturer of fountain solution additives and chemical products such as cleaning agents, dispersion varnishes and silicones. We are also an important print shop partner as a supplier of calibrated underpacking sheets, adhesives and filters.

The production of outstanding products for offset printing, reliable and flexible delivery as well as dedicated and competent service are our strengths and the basis of our company.

Eggen’s King Fisher

Many EGGEN products support environmental and health friendly printing. Especially EGGEN fountain solution additives and cleaning agents are often produced without critical ingredients like for example Butylglycol. Food compliance certificates like ISEGA are available and many products are suitable for environmental labels like the German “Blue Angel”.
Our dispersion varnishes are low odour and free of heavy metals. Many are not classified according to CLP classification and suitable for food applications. All those environmental friendly products from EGGEN are now labeled with a King Fisher.

Eggen Eisvogel